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Greetings Yogis & Yoginis

Thanks for joining my new blog and forum, Tony Sanchez Core Yoga Systems for Solo/Home practice. The systems are Core 26+, Core 40+ for Fitness, Health & Meditation, and Core 84. They can be simplified, modified or intensified for your personal strengths, limitations and needs.

From now until the end of May all members have free access to a Core 26+ practice video. You can purchase and download an audio edition of Core 40 or join the Practice Cloud that now has Core 26+, Core 40 and eight short videos for abs, warm-up/cool-down for other sports and Desk Potato Yoga. Post questions about your practice in the Forum.

Over the next several months I will be adding videos to the Practice Cloud and home study courses for Core 26+ and Core 40 for Fitness.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you in the Practice Forum.



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Yoga is a solo sport, even in a group. Learn the foundations or practice and core systems to transform your practice, body and mind.



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